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Posted by Dennis

Where To Watch "Starry Eyes" Today!

"Starry Eyes"

You may have heard Chuck talking recently about a new horror movie called Starry Eyes. What is Chuck's connection to this film? Well, for one, it's co-written and co-directed by me. Who is "me?" Me is Dennis Widmyer, and I co-created and have been managing this official site for Chuck since 1999, after meeting him at a reading for Invisible Monsters in New York City. Since then I've grown very close to Chuck and consider him a dear friend. He's also helped support me in my film ventures, so he was all too willing to help support Starry Eyes. About a year ago we launched a Kickstarter for the film, and Chuck encouraged me to utilize his massive fanbase for donor support. To incentivize readers to donate, he offered up rare, autographed books, and even went so far as to reward 100 lucky donors to be thanked in his latest novel, Beautiful You!

"Starry Eyes" donors who got thanked in "Beautiful You""Starry Eyes" donors who got thanked in "Beautiful You""Starry Eyes" donors who got thanked in "Beautiful You"
Starry Eyes Kickstarter donors who got thanked in Beautiful You!

As of today, Starry Eyes is finally available on VOD and in select theaters, and I owe a large part of that to all of you. Now comes the fun part: you get to watch the movie! So let me try and incentive you to do just that. First here's the trailer for the film. It spoils some elements, so if you're already intrigued, just by this backstory, skip the trailer and go right to iTunes to watch it today.

Here are some of the best review blurbs we've gotten:

"If David Lynch and David Cronenberg came together to craft a gory, psychological mindbender, it might be Starry Eyes." - TIME Magazine

"This could very well be the best horror film of the year." - Sound On Sight

"This is about as far removed from run-of-the-mill horror fare as you can imagine – and is all the better for it." - Movie Ramblings

Here is a handy guide for all the VOD platforms showing Starry Eyes, but if you can, we encourage you to watch it from iTunes. The film is currently sitting at #2 in the Horror rankings, and we'd love to take that #1 slot before the weekend is out. 

Download "Starry Eyes" on iTunes today!

After you've watched the film, please help us spread the word! Tell all your family and friends about it, tweet about it, post about it on Facebook... just talk about it! This is a very small film. We don't have much of a marketing budget, so word of mouth is everything!

Still from "Starry Eyes" A still from "Starry Eyes"

A still from 'Starry Eyes" A still from "Starry Eyes"

Thank you for your support, and thank you for (hopefully!) watching Starry Eyes. For more, visit our official website at, our Twitter at @StarryEyesFilm, and our Facebook page:

And be sure to rate the film on our Rotten Tomatoes site (user ratings / stars increase our Audience Score) and on our IMDB page.