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Posted by Dennis

Watch The Short Film Adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's 'Romance' Right Now

Today is an exciting day for fans of Chuck Palahniuk films-- Yes, I said films.  Up until now, Fight Club and Choke were the only two adaptations you could find of any of Chuck's work.  But writer/director Andy Mingo went and changed all that with his short film adaptation of 'Romance.'  

If you've never heard Chuck read 'Romance,' you missed a treat. Read on last year's tour, this is easily one of Chuck's strongest and funniest short stories.  It's both heartbreaking and hysterical at the same time.  

With Chuck's permission, Andy wrote and directed an adaptation of the short story into an awesome short film.  And starting today, you can find it on Video On Demand.  Here are currently the two best places to purchase and watch the film:

Vimeo On Demand


The film is 26 mins long and is already getting rave reviews.  It recently played the Cinequest Film Festival and brought the house down!  

In the coming days, it may pop up on Google Play and YouTube Rental.  But for now, the above links are the only way to see it.  So drop $1.49, support independent film, and sit back and enjoy 'Romance.'

For more on 'Romance,' visit its official site, Like its Facebook page, and watch its trailer here.

And definitely follow @AndyMingo on Twitter.  He's one talented bastard.