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Posted by Dennis

New Audio Book Imprint Puts FIGHT CLUB Prequel Story "Expedition" On Vinyl!

FIGHT CLUB prequel short story "Expedition" on Vinyl

Okay, let me see if I can state this as clearly as possible. We all know Chuck Palahniuk wrote a book called Fight Club almost twenty years ago. Some of us know that, last year, he wrote a sequel to Fight Club called Fight Club 2. Some of you are about to know for the first time that on May 27th, this sequel will be released as a 10-part maxiseries comic book by Dark Horse Comics. But wait! There's more! Chuck also wrote a prequel to Fight Club called "Expedition." This story takes place before the events of the book and film and is sort of an origin story of Tyler Durden. It will be included in Chuck's upcoming short story collection Make Something Up: Stories You Can't Unread, due out May 26th.

But what I'm assuming most of you don't know is that an imprint called Rare Bird Books just launced a new line of audio books, read by the authors themselves, on vinyl! The collection will feature Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis and more. If you're a burdgeoning vinyl afficianado, like me, this is very cool news. Plus, any time anyone gets Chuck to read one of his own stories/novels, it's cause for celebration. Here's the official statement on this from Rare Bird:

Rare Bird Announces Fight Club Prequel as First Vinyl Audiobook Release

As the official vinyl audiobook accompaniment to both Dark Horse's Fight Club 2 ten-comic maxiseries and Doubleday's new story collection, Make Something Up: Stories You Can't Unread, Rare Bird is very pleased to announce the first vinyl audiobook release featuring Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club prequel, Expedition, read by Chuck, hand-numbered for those who preorder, and in a beautiful single LP and double gatefold format with art by David Mack.

The vinyl is available for pre-order now, and if you order it from the link below, you'll get a special on-sale-announcement price, just for Cult members!

Order Chuck Palahniuk's "Expedition" Vinyl Today!