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Posted by Dennis

Dark Horse Comics & Project Mayhem Wants Your Stories!

For the first few issues of the upcoming Fight Club 2 comic series from Chuck Palahniuk, Dark Horse Comics is generating a letter column! The premise is simple...

Hey, would-be Space Monkeys!

Spread the word that "Tyler Durden Lives" and about "Rize or Die" and win. Write to us about your public mayhem to (include pics) and the best work will get shit gifts from Chuck himself. 

To clarify: In the new Fight Club 2 series, both "Tyler Lives" and "Rize or Die!" occur as Project Mayhem-style acts of guerilla marketing. So we want you to join the movement and find clever ways to help get these slogans into the culture. Be clever. And photograph your results. We're also welcoming the best stories too! Chuck will reward the best and boldest with hardovers of Beautiful You and Fight Club or the new Survivor, all of which will be offered by Easton Press as limited, leather-bound editions!

The email to send your photos and letters to is: And please, keep it brief!

Now get to work, Space Monkeys!