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Posted by Dennis

Chuck's 'Tell-All' Events In Spain

For those of you living on and around the Iberian Peninsula, Chuck has a few events coming up next week in Spain.

First up, Chuck will be appearing at The Festival in Bilbao on April 19th. At 20:30 that day, Chuck will be sitting down in a large auditorium to partake in a live conversation about Tell-All, with its Spanish language translator, Javier Calvo.

More details on the event here

Then on the 20th, there will be a signing at the 'Fnac Bilbao' at 19:30 and a presentation of Tell-All. And on Saturday the 21st, a live reading of Tell-All, limited seating to 100 people, with a signing following thta on Monday.

Here's more on those two specific events from the organizers:

21st, Saturday.
Time: 19.00 h.

Place: Fnac triangle (plaza Catalunya,4. Barcelona)

The Event consist on a two parts: a conversation about Tell All with Alex de la Iglesia (Spanish Filmaker, though this name  you won’t find in the fnac advertising because when they had to publish it , the Filmaker didn’t had confirmed yet) and finally a reading of Tell All.

23rd, Monday.

Signatures for the Sant Jordi’s Day in Barcelona:

12 h-14 h. In La Central bookshop

18.00h -20.00h in Fnac Triangle.

 Details on these two events here

If you take any pictures of video, you can email them to us at