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Posted by Dennis

A Message From Chuck For The DOOMED 'Adult Bedtime Stories' Tour - UPDATED!

Chuck Palahniuk's 'Adult Bedtime Stories'

Updated October 7th with a new rule!

Chuck emailed me the other day with a couple rules for the events of his upcoming DOOMED 'Adult Bedtime Stories' tour.  Read on:

Chuck Sez:  The First Rule of the 'Doomed' Tour is You Wear Your Favorite Pajamas.  Gummy Flannel Bathrobes ala Tyler Durden?  Baby Dolls?  Flannel or silk?  Wear it.  Fuzzy slippers?  Teddy Bears?  Bring them!

The Second Rule of the 'Doomed' Tour is You Must Wear Your Favorite Pajamas.  I will.  Join me in my foolishness.

The Third Rule of the "Doomed" Tour is "Bring A Sharpie, Share a Sharpie."  To truly participate, you'll be expected to write something with a fat, felt-tipped marker.  A standard, old-school Sharpie works best.  You won't be required to write more than a few words, but they've got to be legible -- and durable.

The last rule of the Doomed Pajama Party Tour is, bring flashlights.  Bring stuffed animals.  And bring a great question that you can write in Sharpie on something inflated.

You heard the man. Now check out all the tour dates for DOOMED here!