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Posted by Dennis

The Cult Anthology 'Burnt Tongues' Has A Publisher!

It's been a long time coming but, as of late last month, we have found a home for our anthology, Burnt Tongues.   This project began life on our writers workshop back in 2004.  It started as an idea between Chuck and I but soon grew into something more when Chuck announced he wanted to get personally involved in reading and critiquing the best stories from our workshop each month.

Medallion PressThroughout 2004 to 2007 a dedicated team of awesome readers screened all of the stories that flooded into our workshop and sent on the best 15-20 each month.  Those were then narrowed down to the best 6 and sent over to Chuck.  Chuck would then read and review those stories and his notes would be posted on the website for others to learn and benefit from.

In 2011 we had narrowed the two year's worth of stories down to the 70 best.  And from that lot, Chuck selected what he thought were the 20 strongest entries that could make up an anthology.  

Today, I'm happy to announce that anthology is called Burnt Tongues (after a popular method of minimalism Chuck employs) and that it will be published by Medallion Press in August 2014.

Read the official press release from here.

Getting this anthology published was a long and difficult journey that often times, felt like pushing a giant boat over a mountain.  I want to acknowledge several people who played key roles in that journey:

All of our readers, who plowed through several stories a month for over two years: Kasey Carpenter, Johnathan Kabol, Mark Grover, and Kara Kilgore.  

Mirka Hodurova who, along with me, read all the narrowed down semi-finalist stories and helped choose the best to send over to Chuck each month.

Mark Vanderpool, our diligent Workshop administrator, who also helped manage our writers, format stories and helped keep people updated during some of this project's quieter periods.

Richard Thomas, who began life on this anthology as one of our readers, but was later brought on as my co-editor to help get us across the finish line.  Richard played a key role in narrowing down the best publishers and then helping to get this acquired by the best home.

And lastly, Chuck Palahniuk, who birthed this idea, kept sincere enthusiasm and encouragement going for it over the long years, and who will be lending his name, his credit as editor, and a beautiful introduction to the finished book which is one of the finest things I think he's ever written.

We will be posting updates about Burnt Tongues over the following months.  Until then, we don't want to release too many specific details.  A table of contents will come soon, along with all the official story titles.  Let me just say that this is happening!  And I think you will all find that it was worth the wait.  Thank you for your patience and for believing in us.