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Posted by Dennis

OMG! WANT! Fan-Made 'Invisible Monsters' Shoes

an-Made 'Invisible Monsters' Shoes

First thing's first: No, these are not for sale.  Secondly: Why the hell not!?  If Nike can pimp Marty McFly's kicks, why shouldn't they be able to flaunt some Brandy Alexander leather?

Here's what our talented designer, 'Shane' (the Dez!gner online), had to say about his creation:

I do custom footwear and recently did a pair of Invisible Monster Womens.  Nike Air 6.0 Canvas shoes.   I uploaded a photo on Facebook and tagged it onto Chucks page. I'd be proud to have it on your fan submission site. I have no intention of selling this pair for money as it is not my original art.

See more at his Facebook page: