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Posted by Dennis

Fan Artwork: 'Invisible Monsters' Book Cover

Check out this awesome book cover for Invisible Monsters designed by Elyse Boutall.  This was part of an art project where Elyse had to read the book and then create a book cover illustration for it.  See a high res version of Elyse' design here.  And check out more of her work on her official site.

'Invisible Monsters' book cover design by Elyse Boutall

I have a soft spot for fan submitted artwork.  In the early days of The Cult, the largest section we hosted on the site was the Fan Submissions section.  It was loaded to the core with banners, portraits, wallpapers, and my favorite... book covers & dust jackets.  

Check out some of them in our Fan Submission Gallery.

And as always, if you have a Book Cover you designed that you'd like to submit, send it to submissions @ chuckpalahniuk. net.