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Posted by Dennis

Chuck Palahniuk To Appear At Powell's This Saturday In Portland, OR

Chuck Palahniuk To Appear At Powell's This Saturday In Portland, OR

If you've ever been to Portland, OR and not visited Powell's City of Books, you have done yourself a great disservice.  Powell's is easily considered one of the greatest bookstores in North America and, like many authors, it just so happens to be one of Chuck Palahniuk's favorites.  Therefore, Chuck has agreed to not only stop by for their upcoming 41st birthday event this Saturday, but will be bringing some goodies to give away and sign.

Here are the details, straight from Chuck's mouth:

A heads up...  Next Saturday, August 25th, the Powell's bookstore is throwing itself a huge 40-something birthday party.  They'll be blocking off streets around the building on West Burnside, in downtown Portland.  There will be games, author appeaances, live music, etc.  They've asked me to come speak, and I proposed bringing gifts for my readers.  Several years ago I recorded a two-disk CD collection of the best stories I'd read on past book tours.  Including "Guts" and the as-yet-unpublished story "Cold Calling."  The studio produced them beautifully, but they've never been for sale.  I've only ever given them to readers who wrote to me.  I'd like to bring 200 sets to the Powell's birthday event and inscribe them for whoever comes to say hello.  It's a chance to get something rare and not otherwise available.

And then here are a few more details:

I'll be at the street fair party, behind the downtown Powell's from 2:30 PM until 5:30 pm, Saturday, August 25th, signing books and giving away 300 sets of the "Tour Stories" CD's.  The store plans to close two blocks of NW Couch Street for the party.  I'll be in a tent designated for book signing.  I'm excited about giving the stories to people, and happy to inscribe them. 

Chuck will be in the tent designated for book signing from 230p until 530p on Saturday, the 25th.  I assume this is first come first serve.  

For more information about the big Powell's event, check out their site.